Should I use a buyer’s agent?

What is a buyer's agent?

What is a buyer’s agent and why should I use one?

I have noticed that this is a common question on popular real estate forums.  A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional that exclusively represents a home buyer in a real estate transaction.  A buyer’s agent has a legal obligation to keep their buyer client’s information strictly confidential especially to the home seller and the seller’s listing agents and other buyer agents and home buyers who are competing for the same home inventory.

One of the biggest benefits of a home buyer using a buyer’s agent to assist them with buying a home is that the services of a buyer’s agent are almost always paid in the form of a commission split offered by the listing agent on a commission paid for entirely by the home seller.

Services of a buyer’s agent include:

  • Recommending real estate professionals to their clients such as mortgage brokers and loan officers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, insurance agents, and home improvement specialists.
  • Provide the buyer with listings that match the buyer’s requirements.  A buyer’s agent will have a subscription to the local multiple listings service and can perform detailed searches for homes based on location, condition, year built, and other specific home features such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, basement, garage spaces, types of utilities in the home, proximity to public transportation, and powerful keyword searches.
  • Schedule showings with listing agents and meet with buyer to preview multiple homes, saving the buyer time and energy
  • Once an acceptable home is identified, buyer’s agents will provide the client with a comparative market analysis report for the home to help the buyer determine the home value and decide on their offer amount
  • Prepare an offer to purchase for the home buyer and submit the offer to the listing agent in a timely manner
  • Assist the buyer with negotiating with the home seller, attempting to get the buyer the best deal possible
  • Once an offer is accepted, the buyer’s agent will accompany the buyer on their home inspection and closing addressing any issues that come up during the process

All of these services are available to home buyers at no or little out of pocket cost!  Why would you consider doing it all on your own?  If you are thinking about buying a home, you should seriously consider using a buyer’s agent to assist you with the process.

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