What do Dad’s REALLY WANT in a new home?

Families looking for a new home have many requirements.  Number of bedrooms are dictated by the number of family members.  Area schools are important for the kids.  Are there enough bathrooms (need more than one with a big family)?  A nice kitchen large enough to feed the entire family, but what do the Dad’s out there REALLY WANT in a new home whether they admit it or not???

As a Dad, here would be my dream list (in no particular order):

1. An adequately sized and strategically located “man zone” or sometimes called a “man cave.”  There should be adequate room to store and organize tools, space for a workbench, a small TV to watch the game while tinkering, areas to store and work on hobbies, and a small music system for listing to tunes.  A large dry partially finished basement would be perfect for this.

2. A large heated garage big enough to store the family vehicles and all of dad’s “toys.”  A storage area for seasonal items such as holiday decorations would be nice so I wouldn’t have to crawl around in the attic every year.  An auto maintenance area would be a huge plus.

3. A shed large enough to store a nice riding lawn mower and organize all of the yard tools such as a chain saw, hand tools, and snow blower.  A wood stove in the shed would be a huge plus!

4. A large yard with a patio, screen house, small manageable sized garden, lawn, in-ground pool, and a screened in hot tub.

5. A media room with a large screen TV and a kicking audio system.

6. A game room with a pool table, fools ball table, table tennis, wet bar, TV’s, and jukebox.

7. A drive way wide enough for all the family cars so they don’t have to be moved every time someone wants to leave.

8. A master bathroom

Okay, so I admit I don’t have a fraction of what I listed here right now, but hey it is Father’s Day, can’t a guy have a dream?

What would you want in a home?  Did I miss anything important???

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there today!

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