Shopping for a New Energy Deregulation Supply Company for Electricity, Gas or Solar?

You may have already have heard about energy deregulation, but you, like me, may have been burned by one of these electricity supply companies in the past or you may just be skeptical about switching your energy supply provider.  Here are some things that I have learned about energy deregulation over the past several years with my personal experiences from my own Massachusetts electricity supply provider.

I had a bad experience with the first Massachusetts electricity supply company that I tried about 4 years ago, which not to my surprise is no longer in business.  I switched suppliers, with my electricity distribution still handled by National Grid and everything went well for a few months with a savings compared to my previous rates.  Then all of a sudden my rate started to rise and more than tripled my original National Grid rate.  I immediately switched to another provider, Gulf Energy, and had an excellent experience with them for over 2 years.  My rate was locked in for 2 years with Gulf around 9 cents per kWh which I was very happy with.  They even gave me free gasoline cards about every 6 to 8 months once we consumed a certain amount of electricity.  Unfortunately Gulf Energy is no longer in the electricity supply business so I had to look for a new electricity provider.  I thought I would share my experience with you for finding my new provider to help you in case you are thinking about changing suppliers too.

The first tip I’d like to give you is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains a current list of approved electricity supply companies in Massachusetts at this web page.

List of Approved Electricity Suppliers

As you can see, on this page you can see all approved suppliers in Massachusetts and you can also view just the suppliers available for your distribution company (for example National Grid, NStar, Eversource).

This is a similar page for natural gas suppliers in Massachusetts:

List of Approved Natural Gas Suppliers in Massachusetts

The state also maintains a list of historical kWh electrical rates on this page.

So if you look at the spreadsheet posted on the page above, in January of 2015 when the National Grid electrical rates spiked up to around 22 cents per kWh I was sitting pretty at my locked in rate of 9 cents per kWh with Gulf Energy and earning free gasoline reward cards.

Since Gulf Energy is no longer offering electricity I just shopped around for the best electrical supply company to use in Massachusetts and I found this really handy Massachusetts electrical rate comparison page also maintained by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This page took all the work out of the shopping for me.  Just click on the link to your distribution company on the bottom right of the page and compare rates and fees in one handy spreadsheet.

From their published spreadsheet I found that Ambit and Direct Energy were the two best options with the lowest rates and no early termination fees.  The interesting thing though is I found that Ambit actually allows all of their customers to earn an electrical energy credit if a customer simply refers over 15 new customers to Ambit.  The way it works is the average electrical use of all of your referred customers is given back as an energy credit on the supply portion of your bill.  I thought this was a great way to get even lower rates and it is possible to pay nothing for the supply portion of your bill if the average usage of your referred customers is greater than your own usage.  They also let you accumulate and earn rewards points for free travel and vacations.

So in summary, my research which I spent several hours on concluded that Ambit was the second lowest electricity rate available for me through National Grid in my area (as of the latest rates published on the Massachusetts website on April 3, 2016).

However, by simply telling 15 other people about their great rates and service I am able to get free energy credits to earn an even lower rate and also earn vacation points.  I’m looking forward to taking my family some place warm in a few years!  Ambit is also operational in California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.  Contact me at 978-835-1776 if you have any questions about my customer experience after the switch or for more info on becoming a marketing consultant with Ambit.  I hope that my research was helpful for you.

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