Methuen Public Schools Closed February 7th and 8th 2011 for Roof Snow Removal

Methuen public schools made a rare announcement over the weekend.  Schools will be closed on Monday February 7th and Tuesday February 8th 2011 to allow workers to safely remove snow from the roofs of the school buildings.   This decision was made to protect our students and teachers from the dangers of a roof collapse.  Record amounts of heavy snow in the area followed by rain prompted the decision. The snow will be removed by crane and school officials stated that for safety they didn’t want children around the work areas during the snow removal.  Other cities and towns have made similar decisions so be sure to check with Boston local news sources to see if your school is in session today.  Countless other businesses and homeowners were busy removing snow from roofs over the weekend.

Methuen Loop Roof Snow Removal February 2011

Emergency workers used cranes to remove snow from Methuen Loop and other local Methuen retail shopping buildings over the weekend

I personally spent most of the day Saturday at my uncle’s house removing a 3 foot deep snow drift on the roof of his Methuen ranch style duplex.  The snow piles after the removal were half way up some of the windows.

Due to the huge snow load I could feel the roof moving as I walked on it. I don’t recommend that homeowners get on a roof without proper safety precautions as slippery icy roofs can be very treacherous.  Power lines are also a concern especially if you are using a metal roof rake. If you are unsure about what you are doing, play it safe and stay on the ground to remove snow or hire a licensed and insured professional.  Contacting some local roofing companies would be a good place to start if you can get a hold of any.

With all of the snow days this year, there has been talk on the news about school years being extended or possibly adding some Saturday sessions. I will let you know if I hear of any specifics.

Methuen Loop Roof Snow Removal February 2011

Workers remove snow by hand from a flat roof top of a commercial building in Methuen

Methuen Ranch Home With 3 Foot Snow Drift February 2011

Methuen ranch home with 3 foot snow drifts February 5th 2011

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