Mass Property Taxes Versus New Hampshire Property Taxes

Massachusetts has had the nickname “Taxachusetts” for quite
some time.  Why is this?  Well, in Massachusetts there is a
state income tax, a sales tax, and Massachusetts property taxes
based on the current assessed value of all real estate and homes
located in the Commonwealth.  A triple whammy.  You would
think that this would be no comparison to New Hampshire property
, Massachusetts’ neighbor to the north which has no sales or
income taxes currently.  I say currently because it is probably
only a matter of time before NH decides that they need to add an income
or sales tax for additional revenue.

Over the past two decades many have decided to move north out
of Massachusetts and settle down in New Hampshire many due to the
rising cost of homes and apartments close to the city of Boston.
So if you are looking to take the plunge and take advantage of today’s
low mortgage rates and suppressed home values and you want to live in
the Boston area.  The classic question is, which state has a lower
overall tax burden, MA or NH?

Something to keep in mind is that if you live in NH and work
in MA you will have to pay MA income tax.  Another thing to keep
in mind is that if you live in NH the property taxes are generally
higher than Massachusetts.  Property taxes are used by cities and
towns to pay for the operation of schools, public services, and local
government offices and organizations.  I presume that the NH
property tax rates
are higher to compensate for not having a sales
and income tax to rely on, while MA property tax rates are
lower because there are other sources of tax revenues available.
In come cases Mass property taxes on a single family home can
be as much as half the tax bill of a similar home close by in New

The other thing to keep in mind is that every city and town in
Massachusetts and New Hampshire has a different real estate property
tax rate on real property.  Assessed values are also set by local
government.  This is the value that the property tax is based
on.  Here is a list that I put together to help you compare the property
tax rates MA
cities and towns have in Boston’s north shore compared
to the property tax rates NH cities and towns currently charge
in Southern New Hampshire.  So are New Hampshire property tax
higher than Mass?  Generally, yes they are.
However to decide which state has a lower overall tax burden for your
situation you need to compare the tax rates of the city or town in Mass
that you are considering to live in versus the city or town in New
Hampshire that you are interested in as well taking into account which
state you and your immediate family members that reside with you are
employed in.

I hope this list of property tax rates for some select cities
and towns in both states is helpful to you.  Feel free to contact
me if you have any real estate related questions in either state.

City, State Residential Property Real
Estate Tax Rate ($ per 1,000)
Commercial Property Real
Estate Tax Rate ($ per 1,000)
Tax Year
Amesbury, MA $17.77 $17.77 2010
Andover, MA $13.19 $21.33 2010
Atkinson, NH $15.21 $15.21 2010
Bedford, MA $13.08 $29.51 2010
Bedford, NH $19.62 $19.62 2010
Billerica, MA $12.53 $28.47 2010
Boxford, MA $12.37 $12.37 2010
Burlington, MA $10.90 $29.70 2010
Chelmsford, MA $15.15 $15.15 2010
Concord, MA $13.09 $13.09 2010
Danvers, MA $12.22 $17.92 2010
Derry, NH $28.48 $28.48 2010
Dracut, MA $11.81 $11.81 2010
Essex, MA $12.26 $12.26 2010
Georgetown, MA $10.58 $10.58 2010
Gloucester, MA $11.31 $12.08 2011
Groveland, MA $11.93 $11.93 2010
Hamilton, MA $16.29 $16.29 2010
Hampton, NH $16.28 $16.28 2010
Haverhill, MA $12.76 $21.31 2010
Ipswich, MA $11.54 $11.54 2010
Lawrence, MA $12.57 $27.80 2010
Lexington, MA $13.86 $26.21 2010
Londonderry, NH $20.33 $20.33 2010
Lowell, MA $13.27 $27.46 2010
Lynnfield, MA $12.84 $13.72 2010
Manchester, MA $8.14 $8.14 2010
Manchester, NH $17.81 $17.81 2010
Merrimac, MA $13.08 $13.08 2010
Methuen, MA $11.86 $21.91 2010
Middleton, MA $11.84 $11.84 2010
Newbury, MA $9.52 $9.52 2010
Newburyport, MA $11.66 $11.66 2010
North Andover, MA $12.74 $17.69 2010
North Reading, MA $13.47 $13.47 2010
Pelham, NH $19.53 $19.53 2010
Plaistow, NH $23.95 $23.95 2009
Reading, MA $13.75 $13.75 2010
Rockport, MA $8.96 $8.96 2010
Rowley, MA $12.50 $12.50 2010
Salem, MA $14.01 $26.93 2010
Salem, NH $14.84 $14.84 2010
Salisbury, MA $9.86 $9.86 2010
Stoneham, MA $11.49 $18.87 2010
Tewksbury, MA $12.55 $19.77 2010
Topsfield, MA $13.87 $13.87 2010
Wakefield, MA $11.46 $23.32 2011
Wenham, MA $15.56 $15.56 2010
Westford, MA $14.63 $14.82 2010
West Newbury, MA $12.92 $12.92 2010
Wilmington, MA $11.53 $27.17 2010
Windham, NH $18.92 $18.92 2009
Woburn, MA $10.32 $26.10 2010
DATA SOURCE: MLSPin and City/Town Assessor Websites.  Information believed to be correct,
but subject to change at any time.



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