Finding a new home, the easy way

After deciding to look for a new home, almost everyone starts their home search online these days.

With so many websites to choose from to search for homes it can almost be overwhelming for home buyers.  Where do you turn first?  Does one site have information that another site doesn’t have?  Which information is the most current?

Some may not realize this, but the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a universal system that all real estate brokers and agents use to list homes for sale.  Major web sites that provide home search functionality are  almost always tied into the MLS system syndicating the home listings that are managed by individual brokers.  Since the MLS is feeding listings to these other websites, the MLS is the best SOURCE for the most current home listing information.

Real estate agents and brokers also have subscriptions to the local MLS so they can search for homes for their buyer clients using powerful search functionality included in the MLS system.

So that’s great, but how does this all help out  home buyers and home sellers in the Boston area you ask?  Well, there are a couple of ways.  First, if you are a home buyer instead of searching dozens of sites, contact an experienced buyer agent and provide as much information as possible and request a custom property search.  Not only can your buyer’s agent search for general criteria such as cities and towns, number of bedrooms, number of baths, living area, and lot size, they can also search for many other search terms.

For example, search by:

  • Proximity to an address –  Want to know what homes are available within 5 miles from your work?  Not a problem.
  • Waterfront and water view homes – Get your boat ready!
  • Style of home – Only want to see colonials? Sure thing!
  • Don’t want to deal with short sales and bank owned homes?  Exclude them!
  • Keyword search – Search listings by almost any keyword without violating fair housing laws

Are you searching through listings to value the home that you already own and are thinking about selling?

The MLS is also a powerful tool used to prepare comparative market analysis (CMA) reports for homes sellers to help them estimate their homes value.  Want to see competitive listings should you list your home for sale today?  Your eXp listing agent can set up a search for all homes that are on the market that are similar to your home.  See who your competition is, what their asking prices are, and how long they have been on the market.

Information is power and the best way to search for the data you need is from the source. The MLS in the hands of a competent, responsive and experienced real estate agent is a powerful tool for home buyers and sellers in todays high technology real estate market.

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